Cheesy, Hammy, Eggy

The recipe for Cheesy, Hammy, Eggy:

Ingredients (Makes four slices)
4 Slices White Bread (white tastes much better with this recipe)
4 Slices Ham
5 Eggs
250g Cheese
Teaspoon English or Dijon Mustard


  • First make the cheesy mixture by mixing together 1 egg, 250g cheese and the mustard.
  • Place four slices bread under the grill and toast on one side
  • Turn the toast over and put the ham on the uncooked side making sure it is just inside the edge of the bread.
  • Cover the bread with the cheesy mixture spreading it right to the edge.
  • Put the toast back under the grill to melt the cheesy mixture all over the bread.
  • Fry four eggs.
  • Remove the toast from the grill and place on your plate, top with a fried egg and pepper!


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